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Back to Directing

Updated: Feb 26

It's been a while since I've had blood rushing through my veins in a manner that nothing else in life accomplishes. I've gone back on set as a Director with my own story which will hopefully relax my obsession with the female cycle. For now, at least.

PMS is a short film about Maria, an estate agent struggling to sell an apartment on the day before her period comes. Her impatience builds up to an extreme in a comedic take on what is a normal day for a woman dealing with the cards that her hormonal cycle has dealt.

The experience couldn't have been nicer and fruitful without the perfect team. Everyone from camera, production, sound, catering, locations and cast was an absolute bliss to work with. It doesn't happen often, especially with exteriors during storm Ciara. I was sure that was going to bring the worse of us. But it didn't.

Maybe I've been postponing doing this because, well, life gets in the way. But also, you do get a severe sense of addiction to going back on a lovely set and tell fun stories that matter again and again. A very dangerous route to initiate.

Currently developing my debut feature film Mother Nature - a drama with a twist of dark comedy about a mother and her daughter who find themselves at polar ends of their natural cycles: menopause and menarche - you can see my thematic obsession rising. Again.

PMS has helped me discover more about the characters in my feature and I can't wait to watch both on the big screen.

In the meantime, I leave you with the amazing sneak peek of Emily-Jane McNeill's performance in PMS, currently in post-production.

Thank you to BFI Network x BAFTA Crew, Met Film School, Kieron Jansch from Manned Camera, Abril Gabriele, Amanda McLaughlan, Ana Moreira, Atilla Akinci, Beth Collins, Carole Coyne, Chris Royle, Chris Spain, Connor Hamill, Cristina Melchor, Emily-Jane McNeill, Fausto Plana, Guy Faith, Haresh Patel, James Burn, James Evered, Joana Maria, Jorge Tárrega, Joshua Bamford, Katherine Docherty, Lauren Moakes, Liviu Jipescu, Luke Godfrey from Poached, Lynda Hansom, Lynsey Murrell, Maddie Quarm, Molly Moody, Natasha Saxby, Nathan Snoddy, Niki Skora, Nina Bertolone, Rory Rea, Ruby from Poached, Sam Ainsworth, Sam Perry, Sophie Brooke, Sophie Wynne, Stacey Fitzgerald, Susie Kimnell and Tiago Carvalho.