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  • Ana Pio

Script Supervising Anna Maguire, Director and Protagonist

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Produced by Jessie Mangum, I had the pleasure to Script Supervise the incredibly talented Anna Maguire who directed and gave life to the lead character in Constellations.

This was a challenging and incredibly worthwhile project to be a part of, not only for the story, that can echo the mind of a lot of viewers that have experienced relationships, but because of the crew composed of brilliantly lovely artists.

Overall, respect is the word that sums up a project like this based on such an intimate premise: written, directed and starring the same person. I feel like because everyone knew this and accepted it, there was a mood of passion and relaxation in the air which Anna did a great job at providing. This allowed us all to be involved in getting the story and Anna's vision the best we could - because we cared.

The script supervisor can take quite a predominant role because there is the responsibility of the director not actually be watching the shot while it's rolling. Of course there was time for, when in doubt, the director to play back the shot, but this can't always happen as it would slow down the workflow.

There's a lot more communication between the director and the script supervisor in terms of what needs to be in shot and what can't, and you need to be the one reporting this if achieved or not so the director can make her/his decision.

Constellations focuses, at some point, in an intimate scene, which was my first experience of the kind on set. It may not be a surprise, but it is as practical as a chase scene, for example. Everyone in the crew is focused on getting the best result possible on their own fields and it can sound cold, but it couldn't be done any other way!

Jobs like this kill your skepticism on what a single person can accomplish. I look forward to see this short shine! xx

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