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  • Ana Pio

Sara Putt Associates Trainee Scheme 2017

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

This year's Sara Putt Trainee Scheme has officially started and the group is an amazing bunch from all areas of Production.

Sara Putt created Sara Putt Associates back in 1989 which has, since then, built a constant success as an Agency that offers several incredibly useful services for the industry.

The Sara Putt Associates lovely team accepts a group of lucky people to guide through an initial stage in the Film and TV Industries, bringing us under their wing for a period of 6 months.

It's quite fantastic how from day to night, after meeting for the first time, things have changed so much already. In terms of confidence, presentation and friends in a similar stage than ours, that have inspiring stories to tell and are so ready to be there for you.

And that is the best part that this scheme could offer, not only as a Script Supervisor but as a human being. I look forward, with a warm heart, to spend the next few months with each one of the people involved in the scheme.

Fingers crossed for everyone! xx

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