2016, 15'

In 1974, at a Portuguese Catholic seminary, a boy learns to speak up in a society based on censorship. José decides to express himself about an unjust situation that affects him and his friends which reflects the values of the Carnation Revolution.

Currently being distributed by Shorts International - Released online in January 2022

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RTP 2 (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal), Portugal, 2020

BUSHO Budapest Short Film Festival, Hungary, 2018

Derby Film Festival, UK, 2018

Madeira Film Festival, Funchal, Portugal, 2018

New Renaissance Film Festival, London, UK, 2018 (WINNER of Women in Film Award)

Newlyn Film Festival, UK, 2018 (WINNER Best Student Short Film)

Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal, 2016

Kerry Film Festival, Ireland, 2016
AVANCA, Portugal, 2016

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