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Do As I Say


A middle-aged piano teacher, mourns her failed career as a concert pianist with a drink always in hand. Grappling with this aching disappointment and unfulfilled legacy, she is pushed to the end of her tether by the rebellious student she once perceived as her younger self.

Sales by Gonella Productions 


Best Performance award - North East International Film Festival, UK, 2023 - BIFA Qualifying

Kino London Short Film Festival, UK, 2024 - BIFA Qualifying

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Writer/ Director - Ana Pio
Producer - Andrea Land

Executive Producer (Thulsa Films) - Cyrus Mirzashafa

Executive Producer (Thulsa Films) - Hector Ioannides

Associate Producer - George Kegler

Associate Producer - Gerry Maguire 

Associate Producer - Sarah Beardsall 
Writer - Nathan Davis

Casting Director - Mandy Steele
Director of Photography - Jackie Teboul
Editor - María González

Music - Jo Paterson
Costume Designer - Amanda McLaughlan
Hair & Makeup - Stacey Fitzgerald
Production Designer - Eliora Darmon
Production and Post Sound - Haresh Patel

Colorist - Alex Grigoras

VFX - Tiago Carvalho

Production Coordinator - Julia Boehm

First Assistant Director - Alex Mill
First Assistant Camera - Laura Flack
Gaffer - Sarraa Ali

Spark - Kátia Rio

DIT - Nathan Snoddy

Boom Operator - Bogdan Mecea

Assistant Director: Prep Schedule - James Evered

Art Department Assistant - Daniel Surridge

Costume Assistant - Elena Romero Laguna

Script Supervisor/ PA - Heidi Abbott

Production Assistant - Neha Chintapatla

Online Editor - Rebecca Jagger

Angela Yeoh
Julia Haworth
Amanda Bright
Ryan Reffell
Miranda Colmans


Sofia Rovati

Sandra Medlicott

Fernando Pio

James Evered

Andrew St Maur

Connor Hamill

Jorge Sales Tárrega

Albion Land

Irene Marco

Asta Ruškytė

Eleanna Santorinaiou

George Ellams

João Pedro Pio

Dina Cruz

Flo Sabeva

Helena Bonastre

Thomas Dornan

Catherine Courtney

Valentina Stickler

Kate Smith

Sam Ainsworth

Marina Kull

Werner Boehm

Nicola O’Rourke



Stefano Marzanni

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