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2016, 15'

In 1974, at a Portuguese Catholic seminary, a boy learns to speak up in a society based on censorship. José decides to express himself about an unjust situation that affects him and his friends which reflects the values of the Carnation Revolution.

Currently being distributed by Shorts International

25 International Film Festivals


2016, 7'28''

A short documentary about six artists. A dancer, a painter, a photographer, a writer, an actor and a musician share their struggles and love for a career that is difficult to breakthrough.

4 International Film Festivals

I Welcome You to This House

2014, 13'10''

Conceptual short film where the rooms in a house are reserved for moments, people and memories of a girl which trigger an inner fight when searching for what makes her truly happy.

BA graduation film financed by the Portuguese Cinema and Audiovisual Institute (ICA).

14 Screenings and International Film Festivals

Full movie currently online

Other Work

Short films and videos completed during film school from 2012 to 2015


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