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The path of EDEN

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

This January 2019, I've decided to remember and sum up Eden's path throughout the last 3 years and a half.

After the shooting in August 2015, the post production was finally complete in June 2016, and the festival adventure started with the lovely Katie at Festival Formula.

The short film screened in Portugal in AVANCA, FARCUME, Caminhos do Cinema Português, Shortcutz Lisboa, Madeira Film Festival, Porto Femme International Film Festival, Curtas em Flagrante and Shortcutz Porto where our amazing actor Miguel Sá Nogueira was present.

Internationally, Eden premiered at the Mosaic World Film Festival (US), and was followed by International Student Film Festival of Pisek, in Czech Republic, where I had the pleasure of attending amazing events. Eden was also, in Ireland, Kurdistan, Italy, UK and Hungary.

In Around Film Festival, Amsterdam, Miguel Reis was nominated for best Cinematography; the Independent Shorts Awards in LA awarded the film with an honorary mention for Best Student Film and The Monthly Film Festival gave Eden the award of December Best Short Film, writing a 4.5 stars review.

2018 was incredible, starting with Feel the Reel review on Eden after awarding it the Best Student Short Film and nominating Rodrigo Quadrado, Maria Gonzalez and Bruno Bizarro for Best Actor, Editing and Soundtrack: "As a collective character, the group of kids is astonishing, playing a tough role; sure enough, they might not realize how hard and intense what they did was, but for sure when they will be old enough to study recent history, they will realize the symbolic importance of their role in Ana Pio's short movie."

Eden wins Best Student Film at Newlyn Film Festival (UK) and it's selected for Chapter Movie Maker, a BAFTA Cymru recognized festival. It won Best Director and Best Short Film at Queen Palm International Film Festival after having been nominated for Best Young Actor with Rodrigo Quadrado. Lastly, it won Best Women in Film Award at the London New Renaissance Film Festival.

SEEN London wrote "Eden was perhaps the most elliptical and ‘difficult’ of the films. Set in a Portuguese seminary in the seventies, it details the boys’ attempts to connect with the outside world in the face of growing religious oppression. It was certainly SEEN’s favourite."

UK Film Review wrote: "Eden is a movie that speaks volumes about the fundamentals of our humanity and the great things they can overcome. This is superb and thoughtful filmmaking with a powerful story and a clever tone that embraces all levels of society as one."

January 2019 starts with a new path for this film, in TV all around the globe, with Shorts International for 3 more years.

I thank deeply to everyone who was directly and indirectly involved in the making of this film and I profoundly cherish the support I was given with so much love and dedication from all of you.

It's time for a new adventure!

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